Adultchat: A Dirty Internet Tradition Lives On

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Adultchat History

Prior to  its emergence on the internet in the late twentieth century, adultchat occurred primarily over the phone. The origins of this phenomenon can be traced back to adultchat’s ancestors; party lines, and phone sex hotlines. These social networking mediums, although primitive, still exist today.

Party Lines

Party lines, like phone sex hotlines, are often advertised on television. Callers begin with a prompt to select which type of conference they would like to join. For example, a typical party line may offer separate conference groups based on sexual preference. The caller joins the rest of the group in the respective conference. Ordinarily, the newcomers will introduce themselves, and indicate what they are seeking. Pairs, or groups of people from the conference usually have an option to form their own private conference, with the push of a button. Adultchat ensues, and in-person meetings often occur as a result.

Phone Sex Hotlines

Similar to party lines, phone sex hotlines are another adultchat medium specifically for telephone users. Like party lines, phone sex hotlines are often advertised on television, but also quite often in porn magazines. While party lines are often localized and encourage physical encounters, phone sex hotlines are for entertainment purposes. This type of adultchat is ideal for people who enjoy role-play, and prefer to keep no strings attached. It’s important to know that the people who answer phone sex calls are paid workers, and not consumers.

Evolution of Adultchat: Techonological Advancements

Towards the end of the twentieth century, the Internet had become much more mainstream than in previous years. Online chat rooms emerged, as did instant messaging software, which further strengthened the bonds created among online buddies. This paved the way for significant advancement in adultchat.

While party lines and phone sex hotlines still persevered moderately, online adultchat quickly took the spotlight. People no longer had to settle for voice conversations. At last, people were able to see and hear each other online, through the use of their webcams and microphones.


While phone sex has dwindled in popularity, online cybersex has become significantly more popular. For many chat participants, words are not enough; they want flesh, and they want to be able to interact verbally, in addition. For these purposes, a simple text chat room is not suitable. Video and voice capabilities are a must.

Early Cybersex Building Blocks

In the early twenty-first century, the norm for video chat sessions was through instant messaging programs, such as AOL Instant Messenger, Microsoft Messenger, and Yahoo Instant Messenger. These programs, or apps, were easy enough for the average user to operate and start a video conversation with people on their buddylists.

Instant Messaging apps provided the means for two acquainted people to engage in video and voice chat. The users simply exchanged screen names, and found each other instantly, just like on Facebook. These messaging systems have largely been replaced by Skype, due to it’s popularity and pre-installed presence on most new internet devices.

One thing that doesn’t come standard with any app is a directory of people who are interested in cybersex. To obtain such a list, the user actually needs to go out and mingle first. Only then, can they exchange screen-names, and build up a list.

One of the drawbacks of using your favorite instant messaging app for cybersex is that most people also use these apps for nonsexual communication with friends and family. It can be awkwardly inconvenient for a person who is in the middle of a cybersex session to suddenly get a notification that their “mom is now online.”

Cybersex Partners and Adultchat

While instant messaging apps are simple enough for anyone, forming online relationships with cybersex partners is a whole different subject. Keeping a safe distance from family and friends is important, and at the same time, keeping an equal distance from undesirable sex predators is equally important.

Luckily for cybersex enthusiasts, adultchat works like a charm when searching for exciting new partners. Inside the chat rooms, herds of role-play enthusiasts, masturbation aficionados, and many other interesting people can be found. Best of all, this is an atmosphere where people can freely explain what they’re interested in, without fear of repression.

Everything We Want in One Place

We’ve established that adultchat is the ideal type of website for forming discreet, online relationships. But what are the characteristics of an ideal adultchat website? Let’s identify the features we’ve come to expect from the advent of the party line to now.

Sexual Openness

If we’ve learned one thing about adultchat in this article, it’s that adults need a place where they can unwind without fear of repression. In our experiences at other adultchat sites, we’ve encountered “No Profanity” signs, automatic word filtering, and in some cases, people mocking each other for their sexual preferences. Obstacles such as these are not ideal for productive adult conversation.

At Adultchatclub, we acknowledge the fact that not everybody shares the same fetish or fantasy. We proudly support all of our members in their quest for online companionship. We don’t have unfriendly signs, profanity is expected & permitted, and we will always encourage courtesy and understanding for all members.

Chat Rooms for All Devices

Our Main Chat room works on all modern web browsers, and on all devices. It features avatar display in the user list, so you can get a glimpse of what your chat partner looks like, immediately. Multiple private chat tabs can run simultaneously, without the need for leaving the chat room.

If you’re ready for the ultimate experience, we recommend our Video Chat room. It works on all Flash-enabled devices, including mobile devices equipped with Puffin Browser. If you’re using a desktop or laptop pc, any web browser will suffice, such as Chrome or Firefox. The Video Chat room operates as a members-only chat room, with Private Video and Voice calls at your service.

Internal Messaging = No Missed Connections

One of the benefits of being a members-only club is that chat room participants don’t become distant memories after they log out. All members can be searched by their username in our Members List. Members can keep in touch with other members, even if they are not online at the same time, by sending internal messages.

Adultchat at

We wish you the best in your quest for quality adultchat. If you’ve read this far, then we’re confident that Adultchatclub has exactly what you’re looking for. It’s free, and non-invasive. Sign-up is fast and simple and no email address is required.

We look forward to seeing you in our chat rooms! Feel free to contact us for any questions or comments, or leave your comments at the end of this article.

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