Adultchat: Evolution Of A Time Honored Internet Tradition

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Adultchat History

Prior to ┬áits emergence on the internet in the late twentieth century, adultchat occurred primarily over the phone. The origins of this phenomenon can be traced back to adultchat’s ancestors; party lines, and phone sex hotlines. These social networking mediums, although primitive, still exist today.

Party Lines

Party lines, like phone sex hotlines, are often advertised on television. Callers begin with a prompt to select which type of conference they would like to join. For example, a typical party line may offer separate conference groups based on sexual preference. The caller joins the rest of the group in the respective conference. Ordinarily, the newcomers will introduce themselves, and indicate what they are seeking. Pairs, or groups of people from the conference usually have an option to form their own private conference, with the push of a button. Adultchat ensues, and in-person meetings often occur as a result.