Whackin it in Adult Video Arcades

Adult video arcade control center

Whackin it in Adult Video Arcades

Used as another phrase for masturbating, jerking, or jacking off, whackin it mainly refers to men whackin it, as men sometimes make a whackin sound while whackin it. Originally, the word referred to male masturbation, but now women are also known to whack it. For the purpose of this article, we’ll be focusing on whackin it in adult video arcades.

Adult Video Arcades

Adult video arcades, also known as private video booths, are a product often provided by adult bookstores. Similar to a phone booth in size, they are centralized in a specific section of the store, and are positioned back to back with other booths. These booths offer the occupants a variety of pay-per-view porn films, while also providing a good place for whackin it.

Wackin it

Porn watching has obviously evolved since the early days of the adult video arcades. You no longer need to leave home to watch the latest porn flicks. However, watching porn in adult video arcades still has its advantages, especially if you plan on whackin it.

What it’s Like Inside

In our recent visit to the adult video arcades, we wandered towards a section of the store with a dark hallway entrance. After entering, we found about two dozen, mostly vacant, video booths. We entered one, and locked the door behind us. Some people get a thrill by getting caught whackin it, so they leave their doors unlocked. If it’s your first time, you really should lock the door.

Whackin it adult video arcade locking door

Lock it, or strut your stuff!

Getting Your Video Started

Our booth featured an old style adult video arcade machine. There were two screens. The top one provided previews of the available video streams, and the bottom one was the main viewing screen, where the selection plays. We inserted three dollars into the bill acceptor to get the video player started, although it only requires one dollar to get started.

The top screen had four previews for us to choose from. Video A was an all male orgy, while video B was a woman putting a dildo into a man’s ass. Video C was a woman giving a blowjob, and video D was a bisexual threesome. We chose video C, and after the blowjob, another oral film followed. An on-screen alert notified us when our credits were about to run out, so we stuck a few more dollars into the slot. If you don’t like the movie that’s playing, you can switch by pressing another letter button.

If you don’t feel like standing, there’s a stool to sit on. However, that stool has been to places where you might never want to go. It’s a good idea to bring a few sanitizing wipes, as that stool could always use a quick wipe.

While watching all that porn, you might feel the urge to whack it. That’s normal, expected, and tolerated. You are behind a closed, locked door, so when the moment is right, you can whip it out and whack it all you want, without having to worry about being “caught.” Some people, such as Paul Reubens, have made the mistake of whackin it at the wrong venue, such as an open, cinema-style adult theater.

Aside from bringing sanitizing wipes, you should also bring a napkin for any mess you might make inside the booth. But of course, not everyone is so courteous. Many people will just let loose on the tv screen, wall, floor, or that stool your sitting on. This is why we recommend bringing the two different types of wipes.

I Smell Cum!

Upon entering the adult video arcades, you will notice the strong, pungent stench of semen. Don’t let it dissuade you. After a few minutes, you will barely even notice it. Some of the newer stores have improved ventilation systems, which keeps the odor under control. However, you can never fully take the stank out of the jizz business.

Social Net Whacking

If you’re open to masturbating in front of a live audience, then there are more options than just leaving your door unlocked, and tricking people into walking in on you. The adult video arcades we visited had moving privacy windows.

These windows are double-controlled, meaning that you can control whether you want your windows open, or closed, but your neighbor must also open their adjoining window to allow you to see each other. As long as you’re not in an end-unit, you will have windows on both sides, so you can potentially entertain two different people as you whack it, or they can whack it for your delight.

Whackin it adult video arcade left privacy screen

Whackin it for them, or yourself?

Women Are Whackin it too!

Occasionally, women become stars at adult video arcades, too. There are many lesbian couples who visit the booths, and many straight couples too. If you get the opportunity to see who’s next door, go for it! It could be very interesting. If not, simply close your window.

Get Out There and Whack It!

Adult video arcades are a great getaway for someone who needs a place designed specifically for whackin it. Whether you have guests staying over, or it’s your lover’s time of the month, you might need to get out of your house to get off. Despite what’s going on at home, you still get urges, but pulling it out and whackin it to a porn flick is going to be impossible. Not to worry, because adult video arcades offer you a place to whack it to your heart’s content.

Whackin it on the Go

Another great thing about whackin it in adult video arcades is that it’s a hobby you can take with you while traveling throughout the USA. Pay attention to the billboards along the highway, and look for adult bookstores, or adult gift shops. If you find yourself getting turned on behind the wheel, take the appropriate exit. These places are open late, and sometimes 24/7. Get off the highway before busting that nut!

Whackin it adult video arcade outside

Why whack it at home?

Whackin it At Home

If you want to whack it at home, did you know that there’s an audience for that too? Many people at Adult Chat Club are into watching people whack it. Sign up today! Enter the video chat room, meet new people, get something started!


Adult video arcades provide a private retreat for people who otherwise have no privacy. If just whackin it alone isn’t enough for you, there’s a potential to whack socially, or even to watch a couple perform. These establishments exist all over the USA, so you can do some cross-country whackin it. If you still get your porn the old fashioned way, then these places will let you try it before you buy it.

Whack on, whack off!