A message from the owner of Adult Chat Club News:

Adult Chat Club News covers important topics that are purposefully ignored by the American news media. Now is an important time to see things from outside the scope of radio and television because media networks are on a collective mission to enrich and empower members of the United States Democratic Party.

Adult Chat Club News: Report Now, Revisit Later

The reports found on Adult Chat Club News are running reports. More details are added as they become available. Most news outlets deliver reports and never revisit them again because their reports set narratives to serve their agenda, and making corrections is not effective against the sheeple who only recall initial reports.

Adult Chat Club News Statistics: Simple to understand

Adult Chat Club News statistics are measured based on surveys taken by Adult Chat Club users. As with all statistics, the results vary from time to time, even when they're statistically unlikely to change. That's not something that the American news media explains, because when a statistic accommodates their narrative, they keep it in their portfolios indefinitely. Adult Chat Club News statistics are constantly updated as new data arrives, which results in a more accurate report.

Focused on issues that matter

Adult Chat Club News focuses on the issues that matter, which are issues that affect us daily. The mainstream media manufactures issues solely to manipulate emotions. By focusing on the real issues at hand, we will defeat ignorance once and for all.