Link between the United States Democratic Party and COVID-19

The United States Democratic Party deserves blame for the COVID-19 pandemic. The first reason is because former U.S. President Barack Obama approved funding for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease to intentionally mutate SARS viruses, and COVID-19 is a mutated SARS virus. The second reason is because the pandemic gave Democrats an opportunity to blame the incumbent president for the pandemic's toll. The third reason is because in 2023 U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris attended the WEF, a summit where certain members discussed needing less humans, then later that same year Harris inadvertantly announced on a video that "we need to control population so that we could have cleaner air and cleaner water." What's next on their depopulation agenda and how will they murder us next time around?

Oxygen and Water

COVID-19 is a malicious attack on respiratory systems. Humans need to breathe oxygen in order to survive, so they used our lungs against us with their mutated virus that attacks respiratory systems. Now that they've experimented with the killing of unsuspecting people by poisoning their respiratory systems, logically the next system to mess around with is our water. Humans consume water from 3 main sources: ground water, city water, and spring water. It's important for us to consider the variety of ways that Democrats may seek to kill us by poisoning the aforementioned water systems.

Ground water

Ground water is the primary source of water in the USA. It's pumped from the ground. The ground naturally filters water and stores it in rock aquifers. Ground water is sometimes inadvertantly contaminated by manganese, sulfates, and nitrates, for example. Keep in mind that covid-19 was disguised to look like an inadvertant poisoning of our respiratory systems, and certain ground water contaminants can be disguised by some malicious person like Anthony Fauci in a similar way. For example, if people die from drinking nitrate-contaminated water, the Democrats will try to blame it on nitrates left behind from agriculture; they will find ways to half-assedly cover their crimes.

City Water

City water usually originates from ground water, but is collected in centralized tanks and is then distrubuted throughout cities. The Biden administration lied when they claimed that they were replacing all the lead water lines throughout the USA; they actually only replaced lead pipes in a few major cities, leaving the lead pipes in place in most of the smaller cities throughout the USA. Lead water supply lines are not the primary cause of lead poisoning, as most lead poisoning victims are poisoned through airborne lead. Democrats are intelligent creatures, and they will not use lead to depopulate the USA. They are more likely to use stronger water pollutants, such as arsenic or radioactive waste, because substances such as those can depopulate people at a significantly faster pace than lead-tainted water, and lies about how it happened can be narrated more easily by the media on television and/or radio.

Food Contamination

When we're not farming our own food, we've got a lot of factors to consider as we try to be vigilant about tainted food. For the sake of keeping things simple, let's consider the fact that CEOs from large corporations are a part of the globalist community. Nestlé and PepsiCo, for example, are two food/beverage companies that are directly affiliated with the World Economic Forum. It behooves us to think about that before we crack open a soft drink manufactured by a company that sends their CEOs to meetings where population control is discussed. Thus far, as evident with the COVID-19 engineering that they did, the Democrats are interested in killing us in ways that can be narrated to look like accidents. Using that same logic, food contamination can be narrated to the sheeple under headlines like "Farming accident poisons all the milk" or "Train loaded with chlorine crashes into PepsiCo facililty."


The only thing worse than food contamination is food depravation. As depicted in the non-fictional film "Black Hawk Down," the Somali government used starvation as a weapon against their own people in the early 90s. Democrats sent food to Somalia to "try to help" and the food was predictably intercepted by the oppresive regime. Now, in the USA, we're witnessing an intentional surge to our population unfold, while billionaire "philanthropist" Bill Gates and Biden's "close friend" Xi Jinping purchase the majority of America's farmland. While the sheeple can't sleep at night over concerns about their foodstamps, the "conscientious community" has a rational fear of Americans being starved as a result of Democrats not getting what they want.

Non-viral Air Contamination

Aside from the intentional contamination of our lungs by infectious diseases like COVID-19, the Democrats may have planned the February 3 train derailment which led to the relase of toxic chemicals in eastern Ohio. Trains mainly carry coal, lumber, ore, and other heavy freight. It's highly suspicious that the one that the Democrats crashed in Ohio happened to be carrying toxic chemicals that sickened hundreds if not thousands of people, with at least seven of the victims being CDC investigators. It can't be a coincidence that under Democrat Biden's administration the country has seen an unprecedented quantity of train derailments and toxic chemical poisonings.

Homicide and Terrorism

As the Democrats continue their open border policy of allowing unvetted migrants to enter the USA by the thousands on a daily basis, new threats are worth preparing for. In general, penalties for homicide are less severe in less developed countries when compared to the USA. For example, a homicide suspect in Mexico faces a penalty of up to 12 years in prison if convicted. Capital punishment, also known as "the death penalty," is uncommon in any country south of the border, as is "life imprisonment," which is also known as "a lifetime of free room and board at an impoverished government's expense." Migrants fleeing such countries can not be expected to think before they slaughter in the USA, which is also known as "the land of the free." They have no clue that many states participate in life imprisonment for crimes even lesser than homicide. Also, the threat of terrorism as a result of Democrats' open border policies is obvious and as a result of this threat, avoiding large crowds and highly populated areas will be our first line of defense.

Acts of War and/or Retaliation

When all else fails in their mission to depopulate the world, the Democrats literally have a nuclear option; they can conspire with another country, such as Russia, to attack the USA militarily, to cause as much death as possible, in stretegically designated areas, such as areas with high caucasian populations, since caucasians are statistically less likely to vote for Democrats compared to people of other colors. For the sheeple, the thought of American politicians coordinating a "foreign" attack on their own people would never cross their minds, and they would not hesitate to back an effort to "spend" trillions of dollars on a fake war to avenge deaths from such an attack.

Smart Devices

There has been speculation about 5G devices such as cellphones being used as accelerants to kill people who have taken COVID-19 vaccines. Whether that is true or not, concern should also be raised about more practical depopulation aided by smart devices. In the 1980s, the technology of receiving albums and movies over the landline telephone network would have sounded like a sci-fi fantasy. But now we do it every day over landlines, broadband and cellular connections. For us to dismiss the potential of Democrats "uploading death" in the near future would be a careless underestimation. Smartphones already have the capability of discerning Democrat voters from Republican voters by analyzing the websites they visit, the apps they use, and by the keywords they've searched on search engines. At this moment, it would be elementary for Google and/or Apple to record such data in a database. When the "death by uploaded data" technology is fully developed, if it hasn't already been, it will be elementary for the aforementioned monopolists to make a computer function that gathers all the Republican voting users from the database and execute a computer function called "kill," for example.


When voters in the USA elected President Obama, they didn't know that they were voting for intentional mutation of SARS viruses. If COVID-19 was a test to see how inconspicuous and adept the Democrats are at controlling the population, it's logical to expect deadlier results in their next experiment. We must be conscientious of all depopulation methods that Democrats, CEOs, and other elites may be capable of deploying on us. We must also consider that Democrat depopulation logic may be to make deadly things even deadlier, and to make it look like an accident. It's imperative that we explore all possible scenarios before they do so that we can prepare accordingly.

January 13, 2024 Update: Disease X

According to the official website of the World Economic Forum, the elite are holding a meeting this Wednesday, January 17, 2024, to discuss the preparation of health care systems for "an unknown Disease X that could result in 20 times more fatalities than the coronavirus pandemic." The WEF will convene on this matter because the World Health Organization has given the WEF "fresh" warnings about Disease X. This information comes in addition to a January 10 article from NTD News regarding scientists in China experimenting with a virus called GX_P2V which had a 100 percent kill rate in a small mouse study. These developments appear to shed light on the subject of this article. They're going to try viruses at least one more time, and this time the virus isn't going to be survivable like Covid-19 was.

Fight Back!

It appears that Democrats and their Chinese pals plan to kill us with GX_P2V. Our best defense is to stop voting for Democrats, as a primary priority, and secondly we need to ask the media about GX_P2V every chance we get. When you see a reporter at the grocery store, ask them why they're not covering GX_P2V. If you see a Democrat taking questions from the public, use the opportunity to ask them what they know about GX_P2V. Other precautions to take are the ones that were taken during the Covid-19 pandemic, which include social distancing, wearing N95 masks, staying away from people, washing hands, washing things from outside, and quarantining before infection occurs. Lastly, be vigilant by staying tuned to Adult Chat Club News.