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What are Panama Push Buttons?

Panama push buttons are very convenient places to have sex. While similar to motels, they’re far less expensive. Panama push buttons provide an oasis for romance, privacy, and comfort.

Why not a Hotel?

Hotels offer many amenities. You can get a room with a view of the ocean, and even get your shirts pressed. But despite the luxuries, they’re expensive, and not rented by the hour. Besides that, many of the quickie type necessities are often available at quality Panama push buttons like Campo Amor.

What about Motels?

Still providing some amenities, motels are a cheaper alternative to hotels. However, motels are located next to busy roads. Busy roads equate to a continuous echo of horns, squeaky brakes, and motors. Walls are thin, and neighbors can be heard scampering about. The tiny parking lots put your car in plain sight of those passing by. These are just a few of the reasons why motels are not ideal for sex.

Panama Push Buttons to the Rescue!

Hotels are more expensive than motels. Motels are more expensive than Panama push buttons. But, don’t take this price pattern the wrong way! From a motel to a Panama push button, there is no loss of quality. For an hour of sex, Panama push buttons offer a slew of features. You won’t find these perks at any luxury hotel!


Motels in Panama don’t rent rooms out by the hour. They charge upwards of sixty dollars. If you’re in a rural town, a motel may be worth the price. But, Panama push buttons are all over the city. While you’re in Panama City, you should go to the low-cost Panama Push Buttons.


There are many factors to consider when planning your sexual adventure. If a marriage or other significant relationship is at stake, privacy is of utmost importance. And no matter what, good privacy will always be a safe investment.

Luckily, most Panama push buttons are tucked away in the pockets of the city. They’re surrounded by trees and large lawns. They’re not placed on slim parcels, for all to gaze upon. Contrary to motels, Panama push buttons are focused on privacy from the ground-up.

Long driveways provide additional privacy for patrons. They are not like motels, which are about two yards away from heavy traffic. These destinations require slightly more effort to drive up to, and look at. They’re not sitting on road fronts next to street signs.

Perhaps a wooded area with a long driveway isn’t enough to make you comfortable. Not to worry, because there are even more layers to this plethora of privacy. The best features haven’t been mentioned yet!

Privacy for Your Car

Whether you live in Panama, or you’re just visiting, people will notice what you’re driving. If you’re on a business trip, coworkers will know that you rented a silver sedan. If you live in Panama, everyone knows you’re the one who owns a small compact car. Perhaps you have an incriminating bumper sticker, or dent. If you’re spending more than a day in Panama, people will identify your vehicle with you.

Suppose you’re on a business trip. You might meet someone who you want to get intimate with. You might go to a motel, but then your coworker might notice your rental car parked out front. What will he or she say? Will they expose you? It’s not a comfortable feeling when someone knows something about you that they they shouldn’t.

Have you ever seen a motel or hotel with a garage? Unless you’re thinking of an enormous parking structure, it’s not likely. While even the fanciest hotels don’t offer private, indoor parking, Panama push buttons do!

On your way, expect to travel down a road less traveled. As you make the turn, you’ll drive up a somewhat long driveway. Once you get there, you’re not going to park your car out front and wait half an hour for a clerk. You’re going to pull right into your own private garage, where the door is left open, waiting for you!

Upon entering the garage, you’ll find out why these places are called “Panama push buttons.” You push a button to close the garage door, and a warm sense of privacy sets your mind at ease. Nobody can see your car, and there are no windows for anyone to look in at you.


Anonymous Service

If you’ve ever dealt with rude motel clerks, then you’re in for another treat. At Panama push buttons, there is no face to face contact with any staff. Think of it as a motel in a vending machine. You simply put a twenty dollar bill in the slot, and the room is yours for up to three hours. Nobody will disturb you. There’s a phone, but no annoying calls from some front desk clerk. This is the ultimate in privacy, and it’s at a level that you will not find anywhere else.


Panama Push Button Amenities

Panama push buttons have all of the same amenities as a typical motel. You can expect a clean room, with air conditioning. There’s a king sized bed, with clean sheets. If silence isn’t your thing, there’s satellite tv. If anyone needs help getting in the mood, porn is available for purchase. What more can you ask for? And what more can you expect for twenty dollars?

If you’ve got time for multiple sessions, there’s always a great little sitting area for you to get recharged. Get yourself a drink. Take a shower. Watch some porn. Enjoy every penny of that twenty dollar bill!


More Information

In a future article, we’ll provide more details about Panama push buttons. We’ll be offering suggestions on specific Panama push buttons, and reviewing highlights of the ones we’ve enjoyed the most. In the meantime, we encourage you to mingle on Adult Chat Club so you can start planning your adventures!

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