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Spamless chat is a type of online chat where measures are taken to prevent unwanted messages. We’ve taken several measures to encourage spamless chat. In the past, you’ve already seen what spam can do to a good conversation. Now, we’re going to show you how spamless chat is superior, and how to get the most out of it.

Spam Detection: Attractive Spam

If you’ve been in a chat room without spamless chat, it’s likely you’ve seen spam. However, it’s possible that you didn’t realize it was spam until it was too late. For example, imagine seeing a message that says “Any older men want to chat with an 18 year old female? PM me!” This message may sound tempting for an older man who’s interested in younger women, but it’s often a mirage. After you PM the “18 year old female,” “she,” responds by saying something like “To chat with me, you must first become a paid member of my website, (link provided,) see you there!” They specifically spam you in the private chat to maintain their anonymity to the rest of the chat room. The advice to remember is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Attractive spam can also occur without solicitation. In my experiences, I’ve been in active adult chat rooms and have been tempted by attractive spammers. On many occasions, on sites without spamless chat, “women,” have flirted with me. When I flirt back, or fulfil their request for private chat, I’ve often found empty conversation, as if these “women,” were actually just trying to make it look like they were real people, looking for real conversation. I suspect this to be a tactic of the webmaster trying to make their chat rooms look more active than they really are.

Straightforward Solicitation

Another type of message often found on sites without spamless chat is straightforward solicitation. This is when the spammer blatantly advertises their site or product openly, and without hesitation. An example is the all-caps, incredibly obvious “JOIN XXX CAMS AT XXXCAMS.COM NOW AND GET HALF OFF MEMBERSHIP!” This type of spam is often the most annoying type, and it’s unclear how anyone could have a pleasant conversation when messages like that pop up after every 2 or 3 lines of real chat.

Straightforward solicitation can happen for many reasons, but sometimes it seems almost crystal clear that it’s being incited by the owner of the website. When you see line after line of that horrible, all-caps nonsense, you may sometimes notice that there’s a moderator in the room. It’s unnerving when there’s a moderator in the room, but they do nothing about the spam. When you see them booting other participants, but ignoring the spammer, it’s obvious that there’s some sort of advertising campaign going on. When you see this type of activity, it’s definitely time to search for spamless chat.

Intrusive Spam – That’s Not Spamless Chat!

Intrusive spam occurs when the spam in the chat room is not warranted by the owner of the site. An example of this type of spam would be “IF YOU’RE TIRED OF THIS BORING CHAT, SPICE THINGS UP AT MYSITE.COM.” When that sort of message starts popping up, legitimate participants start to wonder “Where’s a moderator when I need one?” Unfortunately, this type of spam can be quite damaging to a quality conversation. Some participants may leave to visit the spammer’s site, while others will try to adapt to the garbage on their screens. Without spamless chat, intrusive spam occurs in many chat rooms, as webmasters plug their sites in all the wrong ways.

Another type of intrusive spam is the product of extremely desperate participants. It’s not a big deal for someone to say “22/f/nyc, lonely, looking for good conversation.” However, it becomes intrusive when they repeatedly post that line, over and over, and never stop. If it’s a female, and she’s not getting replies to keep her engaged in conversation, there’s something wrong with that picture. Men usually dominate adult chat room populations. If any female is not getting attention, there’s something wrong with that picture. When it’s a man posting desperate messages, like “Older man into sniffing ass,” it can be amusing at first, but when it’s repeated dozens of times, it becomes a nuisance to those seeking meaningful conversation.

Abusive Spam

Without spamless chat, chat rooms are vulnerable to abusive participants. I prefer not to quote abusive chat phrases, but we’ve all seen them. These are what I’ll call the undesirables of the internet. They’re people who prey on vulernable adults, or sometimes there are even worse scenarios. I can’t remember how may times I’ve seen abusive participants making despicable requests, but I can remember at least a few times when that type of chatter took place right under the noses of so called “moderators.” However, we can’t just blame the moderators. Abusive spam can occur very quickly, and moderators can’t be expected to constantly monitor every line of text that gets broadcast. Our best line of defense, is spamless chat.

Strive to be the Best

Adult Chat Club prides itself by not being just another adult chat site. We’ve seen the displeasure that spam brings, which is why we strive to provide the world with the highest quality, spamless chat. You don’t need to accept whatever garbage the internet tries to throw at you. In the next few sections, we will explain the measures we’ve taken to maintain spamless chat at Adult Chat Club.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

The simplest way to ward off spammers, is by requiring them to read and agree to our terms of service & privacy policy. In the terms of service, we make it clear that abuse of our system isn’t tolerated. The chat sites that lack such policies are inadvertantly inviting trouble to their chat rooms. For any potential participant who pays attention to official policies, this is our first line of defense of spamless chat.

Members Only but Spamless Chat for All

Many chat sites allow people to quickly jump into their chat rooms, wreak havoc, and then dissappear without a trace. Our members-only environment discourages that type of behavior, and encourages a sense of community. Our members are all able to view each other’s profiles, and get to know one another in a much more personal way than anonymous chat sites.


Adult Chat Club encourages freedom of speech. We don’t attempt to filter what spamless chat participants have to say. However, moderators are often present in the chat rooms looking for the spammers we’ve discussed in this article. When found, they will be booted from the chat rooms.

Spamless Chat is Alive and Well

Adult Chat Club is proud to offer you the best in spamless chat. When you’ve grown tired of spam on other sites, just remember our name. Membership is free and only a few clicks away.

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